Noel Gallagher Music Video – Mischa Barton

We haven’t seen this pair in a while and what an unlikely friendship it is ! Gallagher’s new band “High Flying birds” filmed their music video for ” Everybody’s on the run” in New York. Musically its a great effort considering Oasis standards and expectations are hard to beat. It also helps that he chose actress/model and fashion icon Barton to appear in the film. Barton is recognised as the leading lady in cult drama “The O.C” which paved way for reality shows across America. Mischa is chaperoned by Noel in his yellow cab and eventually ends up partially naked after shutting the door on her dress. Gallagher drives off and reveals Barton’s leopard print lingerie. Unbeknown to Barton a man in identical underwear is about to fall victim of Gallagher’s game of cupid. Cute music video which could have perhaps been a deodorant or perfume advert. Lets hope Mischa’s body helps Gallagher sell more records and keep up the competition with his brother Liam.

Fashion Soundtrack: High Flying Birds – Everybody’s on The Run