Louis Vuitton – Yayoi Kusama

Art inspires fashion, fashion inspires music, music inspires art – there you have 3 degrees of separation. So why has it taken so long for a brand to notice Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama? Fashion Soundtrack’s visit to the Tate Modern in February left us dotty and amazed by Kusama’s light installations. Yayoi’s abstract expressionism first caught attention after she covered naked hippies in painted dots for body festivals in the 60’s. Kusama was extremely avant garde and inspirationally still creates art work from her psychiatric ward, a place she admitted herself to in 1977.

Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director) has welcomed his new capsule collection with Yayoi Kusama with a two part deal. Here is the first collection and the second will arrive shortly.

Fashion Soundtrack: 50’s swing