Wildfox Couture – Winter 2012

Wildfox Couture have invented an alternative twist in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Their winter 2012 film documents a wishful and happier ending, allowing the duo to survive and fake their own death. This would have been a better option for the star-crossed lovers. Wildfox designers created a youthful loving collection. They channel 90’s Italian romantic clothing covered in roses, cherubs and poetry. Owners Emily Faulstich and Kim Gordon invite you to reminisce over your childhood sweetheart. The clip was produced and directed by David Hache. Romeo and Juliet is being re-made into a film, set for release at the end of 2013. Wildfox are very clever in co-ordinating this creative direction so ahead of the films debut.

Fashion Soundtrack: Francoise Hardy – Le Temps De L’amour  (Legendary french singer known for her unique music and style. The song title  translates to “this is the time for love.” The songs translation ends with “It lasts forever, one remembers it.”