You must recognise this troubled doll face. Edie Sedgwick was the fame seeker who dropped out of Radcliffe to make it in NYC. What became of this icon? Well her busy New York heiress schedule led her to become the muse to artist Andy Warhol and lover of Bob Dylan. Enjoy our style/soundtrack feature on the 2006 film Factory Girl.

Some might comment that she was an artist.. stroke model.. stroke actress! The film factory girl documents the life of Sedgwick whose lavish party scene eventually spirals out of control. The battle against reality leaves her doomed and helpless. The 2006 biography feature is one of our favourite films, we are compelled by the stunning Sienna Miller who embodies the waif Sedgwick 60’s glamour.

Fashion Soundtrack: The Mc Coys – Fever (From the 2006 “Factory Girl” soundtrack) Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Sedgwick was one the first people to strive for celebrity media attention, which is no surprise in our reality television world today. Edie was exploited by Warhol, who featured her in his “factory ” films. She is remembered for her blonde bouffant hair, thick black kohl eyeliner, leotards, tights and leopard print fur. Her fashion legacy lives on, she was a mix of sweet and unsavoury which was visible through her rebellious traits and angelic features.

The original Edie pictured above with Warhol in the 1960’s

Another original frame of the socialite

Sadly the singer passed away at the age of 28 after taking an overdose of barbiturates. The same drugs killed Marilyn Monroe, both women still inspire fashion and music today through the legacy of their individuality rather than their personal problems. No one can be criticised for their fascination with Sedgwick. After all it she inspired artist Warhol and musician Bob Dylan.

Fashion Soundtrack: Just Like Romeo And Juliet – The Reflections (Universal Music Enterprises)

An original Edie Sedgwick photo booth set 

Fashion Soundtrack: Johnny Kidd – Shaking All Over